Bio Medical Engineering Department

Modern Bio-Medical Equipment

This is the 21st century, an ERA of innovations and technologies that have made life convenient and simple not just in regular ways but in medical terms too. We understand the need of the hour at THI and ensure we have modern biomedical equipment for the treatment and diagnostics of our patients. Every Equipment in possession at THI is serviced and maintained by professionals at all times for their reliability. THI Biomedical Medical Department comprises of 3 qualified, foreign trained and skilled Engineers along with two custom designed fully equipped workshops to remain on course for success.

Qualified and Organized

The Bio-Medical Department is playing an important role in preventing any delay that could be caused by the Hospitals Medical equipment, and has been successful in filling the gaps between Engineering and Medicine, This division is well organized and also routinely qualifies ISO reviews without perceptions and deviations.

Future and Present Initiatives

Hospitals of the region reach out at THI for assistance and solutions from our expert teams regarding their BioMedical Needs, due to this reason THI Biomedical Department has planned an initiative to launch a new project through which its services will be extended to other hospitals for their biomedical work requirements.

Prevention, Maintenance & Purchase

Techniques and timetables are set up to complete the preventive support to encourage the therapeutic procedures of the hospital. Monthly analytical reports are generated to evaluate the performance of the department which helps determine the needs of upgrade and replacements of Biomedical Equipment.This division ensures that the users are trained properly to operate the equipment in the correct prescribed manner. TheBiomedical Department has proper representation in the decisions for the purchase of new Medical equipment.The department stocks technical details and spare parts in inventory to meet any unexpected circumstance and it’s remedial.