Safe Food Caterers

It is always very delightful to see successful outcomes when correct partners make their required correct input into a successful venture. THI is very pleased to notice this happening at their Institute where one of the essential components of the support elements is the provision of health sensitive dietary input. This component is clearly visible being meticulously provided by the specialist dietary food providers, the “Safe Food Caterers”.

Diet Consultants

Managing safe and nutritionally wholesome food is the specialty of THI Cafeteria. To ensure this trend, THI Cafeteria is taking services of well-qualified “Diet Consultants”. Under their set nutritional standards and guidelines, THI Cafeteria is providing the optimal nutritious food to its consumers. Right cooking with wholesome ingredients and serving it with hygiene and palatability, is the assurance of THI Cafeteria. By following HACCAP and SOP’S standards, the Cafeteria’s kitchen conforms to international standards and is ISO accredited. The hospital has achieved a very high international standard and holds ISO 9001; 2008 &14001; 2004 Certifications.

Modern Cooking

The Kitchen is equipped with most modern professional Cooking Ranges/Ovens, Dish Washers/Sterilizers, and Food Refrigeration Systems, the air quality is maintained through air handlers mounted with the Pre and Bag Filter in the Air Handlers.

Comfortable and Relaxing Ambiance

THI Cafeteria provides a relaxing and comfortable environment for attendants, visitors, and staff. The interiors are designed to create a lively ambience with comfortable and furnished seating to meet the needs of all the client groups in the hospital. Healthy and hygienic foods and meals are available from 7.00 am to 10.30 pm (without breaks) 365 days.

Foods of Diversifying Ranges

The Cafeteria is stocked with ample varieties of hot and cold beverages.Nutritious and healthy breakfast is available for all. Diversifying ranges of typical Traditional, Continental, Chinese, Italian, Fast food, Baked, Salads, and Desserts, are also available for Lunch and Dinner every day. All the foods’ taste and presentation well complement the impression of high standards. There is no acceptance of lackluster for cooked frozen food as all fresh and raw foods are bought by the caterers from M/s. Metro Cash & Carry and other purveyors of repute to assemble these into “fresh produces”. There are monitoring bodies from the hospital to oversee the supplies.