The Department of Cardiology

Cardiovascular diseases are known for yielding the most dreadful experience to people who are suffering from any of its types. Some of its diseases can also rapidly increase its impact which can cause a fatal risk to their lives if not prevented early enough.
Here in the Department of Cardiology we focus in providing the most comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to adult patients helping them get relieved from any kind of cardiovascular diseases. We welcome everyone undergoing this distress to visit our department of Cardiology at Tabba Heart Institute for guidance and treatment, because only early diagnostic can help you save your precious life from fatal risk.
We have the most professional and dedicated staff for the most comprehensive cardiology treatment due to which we are ranked among the best in the country. We aim to provide our patients with the best services and treatments, to make them feel no less than a family member.
The Department of Cardiology in-patient section consist of:

  • 13 Bed – Emergency Room
  • 17Beds -Coronary Care Unit
  • 31Bed – Step Down Unit
  • 4 Beds – High Dependency Unit
  • 53 Regular Beds with Provision of Tele-Monitoring

Highly Skilled Medical Professionals

We comprise a team of skilled medical professionals with an extensive experience of  assisting the highly risked cardiac patients, each of the patients facilitated with an assigned nurse for their care and support. This support team includes the following devoted staff that works around the clock:

  • Attending physicians
  • Cardiology division fellows
  • Medical house staff
  • Physician assistants
  • Specialty-trained cardiac nurses with critical care expertise

Division, Faculty and Staff Section

Our division and faculty is mainly managed by trained fellows and leaders of THI dealing with cardiology and intervention cardiology. These devoted members play an important role of training the academic leaders for the future in regards of their selected categories, and also by yielding new ideas, energy and perspective that will add more importance to the field more as the population ages. Regular Hospitals are meant to provide regular treatment for the illness, but at THI we believe in hospitality far beyond, not just regular treatment for the illness but for the patient too and also by providing convenience for their family members with care and support just like our own.
THI consists an integration of the most devoted and professional experts from the medical fields who have successfully carved out a niche amongst every cardiology program in Pakistan. This faculty of cardiology team comprises of:

  • Eight Full Times
  • Eight Part Times
  • Medical Officers
  • Team of Fellows
  • Visiting Faculty