Tabba Heart Institute is a 120 bed, non-profit, specialized cardiac care facility, offering quality care and comfort to patients. Employees at THI are a part of cardiac specialists-led health care team (cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, and anesthesiologists), which includes perfusionist, nurses, technicians, respiratory therapist, physiotherapist, and dietitians. Together, they apply their expertise to each patient through careful individualized assessment, treatment, follow-up, and discharge plan.
Recognizing that our employees are the most valuable part of our organization, we have a strong commitment to staff grooming, their retention, and development. Our employees actively participate and it is their teamwork that is reflected in the delivery of quality patient care.

At THI, we do our utmost to redefine the meaning of excellence in the workplace through recruitment and retention of dedicated healthcare professionals and other staffers. Our compensation and benefits packages compliment the positive work environment present throughout the hospital.

We continuously strive to search and groom dedicated and committed personnel to strengthen our team.