Special Offers

Tabba Heart Institute introduces a new incentive for our patients, now you can avail 30% discount on Angiography and  10% discount on all Non-Invasive Diagnostic Services! This offer is valid from the 1st of July 2018*, following are the services we offer at our Primary Hospital (Federal B Area) and DHA Diagnostics and Consultation Centre:

S.No Test Name
2ECG in Emergency
3ETT (Regular) Exercise Treadmill Test
424 Hour Holter Monitoring
548 Hour Holter Monitoring
624 Hour B.P. Monitoring
748 Hour B.P. Monitoring
9Portable Echocardiography
10Limited/Review Echocardiography
11Emergency Echocardiography (Night)
12Portable Review Echocardiography
13Treadmill Stress Echocardiography (TSE)
14Stress Only
15TEE (Transesophageal Echocardiogram)
16Portable TEE
17Procedure/Emergency TEE
18Limited TEE
19Head Up Tilt Table Test
20Exercise MV PG
21Contrast Injection for ECHO
22Limited Intra OP TEE
23Dobutamine Stress ECHO
24Cardiac Event Recorder
25Aorta Doppler
26Both Leg Arteries
27Both Leg Veins Varicose
28CD Charges - Ultrasound (per study)
29Carotid Doppler
30Doppler (Carotid)
31Doppler (Peripheral - Venous)
32Hepatic Doppler
33Hepatic Doppler
34KUB + Prostrate
35Penile Doppler
36Renal Doppler
37Single Limb Varicose Veins
38Single Limb Arteries
39Single Limb DVT
40Swelling Doppler
41Transplanted Kidney
42Ultrasound (Abdomen & Pelvis)
43Ultrasound (Breast)
44Ultrasound (Portable)
45Ultrasound (Thyroid)
46Ultrasound (Trans-Vaginal)
47Ultrasound Abdomen
48Ultrasound Chest
49Ultrasound Gided Aspiration Only (Chest/Abdomen/Heart)
50Ultrasound Pelvis
51Ultrasound Pelvis Obstetrics
52Ultrasound Shoulder
53Ultrasound Kidney, Ureter and Bladder (KUB)
54Ultrasound Guided Pleural Tap
55Ultrasound Guided Pleural Tap
56Ultrasound (KUB)
57Ultrasound (Lower Abdomen)
58Ultrasound (Pleural Effusion)
59Ultrasound (Pleural Effusion)
60Ultrasound (Upper Abdomen)
61Ultrasound (Whole Abdomen)
62Ultrasound Guided Biopsy (Deep Lesion) with Co axial Needle
63Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Ethanol Injection
64Ultrasound Guided Tru Cut Biopsy with Co Axial Needle (Superficial Lesion)
65Ultrasound Musculoskeletal
66Ultrasound Testes
67V Fistula Doppler
68V Fistula Doppler
69CT Duplicate Film (Per Copy)
70CT Inner Ear With and Without Contrast
71CT Scan Reporting Only (Per Study)
72CT Scan Contrast Charges (Ionic)
73CT Scanogram
74CT Guided FNA
75CT Brain Without Contrast
76CT Inner Ear Without Contrast
77CT Paranasal Sinuses (FESS)
78CT Face Without Contrast
79CT Neck Without Contrast
80CT Guided Biopsy Trucut
81CT Pelvis Without Contrast
82CT Thorax Without Contrast
83CT Chest High Resolution (HRCT Chest)
84CT Brain With and Without Contrast
85Coronary Calcium Scoring
86CT Upper Limb Without Contrast (Specify the Region in Remarks)
87CT Spine Without Contrast (Specify the Region in Remarks)
88CT All Joint 3D (Please Specify the Region in Remarks)
89CT Brain and Orbits with Contrast
90CT Abdomen without Contrast
91CT Abdomen,Pelvis without Contrast
92CT Pelvis with Contrast
93CT Lower Limb Without Contrast (Specify the Region in Remarks)
94CT Thorax with Contrast
95CT Face With Contrast
96CT Neck with and without Contrast
97CT Myelography
98CT Biphasic, CCT Liver (Specially for HCC)
99CT Renal Protocol
100CT Urography
101CT Intrancranial Angiogram
102CT Angiogram (Extracranial/Neck/Carotid)
103CT Colonography Without Contrast
104CT Pulmonary Angiogram with Contrast
105CT Triphasic (Speially for Transplant Patient)
106CT Abdomen with Contrast
107CT Abdomen with & without Contrast
108CT Abdomen, Pelvis with & without Contrast
109CT Thiraphasic CCT Liver (Specially for Liver)
110CT Angiogram (Renaumesneteric/Hepatic)
111CT Angiogram (Thoracic Aorta & Chest)
112CT Enteroclysis
113CT Intrancranial Angiogram + Extra Cranial Angiogram
114CT Neck and Chest with Contrast
115CT Angiogram (Abdominal Aorta and Pelvis)
116CT Chest & Upper Abdomen with Contrast for CA Lungs
117CT Uper Limb with Contrast
118CT Angio Lower Extremity
119CT Aortagram Runoff (Abdomen, Pelvis & Bilateral Extremity)
120CT Angio Upper Extremity
121CT Chest, Abdomen with contrast
122CT Chest, Abdommen and Pelvis with Contrast
123CT KUB With and Without Contrast (Kidney, Ureter and Bladder)
124CT KUB Without Contrast (Kidney, Ureter and Bladder )
126Cardiovascular CT
127Nuclear Stress Test - Thallium (Exercise/Pharmacologic)

For information and details regarding:

Tests: 111 844 844 Ext 1540/1535 (Monday to Saturday 9 am to 9:00 pm)

Appointments: 0312 -0844 844  (Monday to Saturday 9 am to 9:00 pm)