Allied Health Sciences

What is Allied Health Sciences?

Allied Health Professions are a distinct group of health professionals who apply their expertise to prevent disease transmission, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people of all ages and all specialities. Together with a range of technical and support staff, they may deliver direct patient care, rehabilitation, treatment, diagnostics and health improvement interventions to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory, psychological, cognitive and social functions.

Better patient care is the ultimate goal of all healthcare activities and is provided by doctors, nurses and allied healthcare staff. Provision of health care is a team effort and the Allied health worker is an integral part of the healthcare team, who, if not available, affects the quality of healthcare provision.

Changes in the health industry and emphasis on cost-efficient solutions to health care delivery will continue to encourage the expansion of the allied health workforce. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates there is currently a worldwide shortage of about 2 million allied health professionals (considering all health workers aside from medical and nursing personnel) needed in order to meet global health goals.

Our Objective 

The aim and objective of these programs are to equip the students with the relevant professional knowledge, skills, techniques and ethical values to enable them to apply their acquired expertise at a level between the doctors and the patient for efficient health service delivery.

Our Vision 

To provide quality learning experience and training for healthcare professionals in the field of cardiovascular diseases and management to reduce the occurrence of heart disease in Pakistan.

Our Mission 

Train and Educate health care professionals in the principles and practices of cardiovascular diseases with highest standards of professional integrity, and by offering them the privilege to access the latest technologies, which will enhance their expertise in treating the patients through modern methods. The team of THI incorporates experts from the fields of cardiovascular and health care.

Our Goal 

Allied Health Sciences (AHS) aims to prepare professionals who can collaborate with physicians and other members of the healthcare team to deliver high-quality patient care services.

Why Choose Allied Health Sciences at Tabba Heart Institute?

At Tabba Heart Institute (THI) under the Allied Health Sciences programs, students learn to evaluate patients, diagnose conditions, develop treatment plans and understand the rationale behind various treatments in order to judge their appropriateness and potential side effects in a specialized setup under the supervision of competent faculty and state of art facility.

There are dedicated lecture rooms equipped with modern teaching aids like multimedia and overhead projectors. The students have full access to the main library of HEC and other clinical areas etc. but will work under supervision. The faculty comprises of highly trained professionals who are experts in their fields and are recognized by related authorities for running these programs. We also offer training in some of the world’s most modern types of equipment, Imaging Technology and other diagnostics facilities used in specialized cardiac setups. Allied Health Sciences (AHS) has provided an opportunity to develop human resources and to produce scientists for the future in relative disciplines of Allied Health Sciences (AHS)programs.