Hospital Introduction

THI is one of the highest ranked hospital of Pakistan, established in the year 2005 emphasizing in offering Cardiac treatment and services with compassionate care at an affordable price. Promoting excellence in the cardiovascular field is the main objective of THI. To realize our vision with an uncompromising attitude, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology with highly qualified professionals with a proven track record. THI believes that a serene environment is vital and serves as a catalyst in the healing and recovery process.
The most modern architecture of the building reflects the vision, developed by the experts and their evolving passion.
The team of professionals at Tabba Heart Institute shares the same vision and passion that led to the establishment of this facility. It is the responsibility and willingness to help mankind and provide comfort and relief that drives this team and connects us all. This team spirit is radiated through our actions and deeds, as we all believe in striving for a positive outcome.