Human Resource Department

The HR of THI incorporate experts from the field, who are not just productive and flourishing but each member of this team understands their responsibility of being in this position, the responsibility to handle every job with immense care and perception. Every individual of THI HR department is equally supportive for every employee and to the organization, also being committed to providing quality service to the internal and external customers in order to meet the benchmark for others in the same industry.

Objectives of Team HR:

The main objective of Team HR at THI is to prevail an excellence that would set the organization at the highest rank, and to achieve this goal every individual of the team understands the value of transparency, enthusiasm, trust, mutuality and collaboration which altogether are essential elements that help the development of each employee and the institute making the environment healthy and comfortable.

Scope of Team HR:

The scope of Team HR is to cover the following responsibilities of HR planning, hiring (recruitment and selection), training and development, payroll management, rewards and recognitions, Industrial relations, grievance handling, legal procedures etc. The Team HR also plays an important role towards developing and managing harmonious relationships in THI and striking a balance between organizational and individual goals.
The scope of Team HR can be classified under the following aspects:

  • Personnel Aspect: This is concerned with manpower planning, hiring (recruitment and selection), training and development, induction and orientation, transfer, promotion, compensation, layoff & retrenchment and employee productivity. The overall objective is to ascertain individual growth, development and effectiveness which indirectly contribute to organizational development. It also includes performance appraisal, developing new skills, remuneration & incentives, allowances and other related courses of actions.
  • Welfare Aspect:  It deals with working conditions and amenities at THI. This includes a wide array of responsibilities and services such as safety services, health services, social security, medical services, transport facility, educational assistance, cafeteria and recreational activities to make the environment worth working.
  • Employee Relations: It is addressing employee grievances and settling the disputes effectively in order to maintain peace and harmony in the organization. It is the art and science of understanding the employment (employee-management) relations, joint consultation, disciplinary procedures, solving problems with mutual efforts, understanding human behavior and maintaining work relations and settlement of disputes.

Functions of Team HR:

The Team HR is working towards the realization of THI’s vision and mission and trying to achieve it through the formulation of certain strategies and their execution. These strategies entail the core HR functions which involve the following activities:

1)  Recruitment & Placement:

THI is an equal opportunity employer and believe in “no square peg in a round hole”, hence Team HR always strive to hire the right person at right time and use multiple tools in order to select the best of all. Selection process includes a series of interviews, written test, computer test and medical fitness test. Team HR, being the custodian of employee record; takes extra care for the repository of all employee related record in both physical and electronic forms.

2) Compensation and Benefits

Team HR ensures proper and timely payroll disbursement after compiling details like leaves, overtime, on calls, loans, etc. throughout the month and incorporating them in the monthly payroll. In order to keep THI abreast with hospital industry in Karachi and overall in Pakistan, Team HR carries out salary surveys on regular basis and based on these surveys propose new structure to the Management.

3) Training and Development

THI is a learning organization and emphasizes on the continuous development of its employees hence employees are being trained in both technical and soft skills. These training sessions are customized and developed on the basis of Training Need Assessment (TNA) that is conducted periodically.

4) Performance Management:

Performance Management is again management’s basic concern. Developing new techniques, discussing performance improvement plans with HoDs, evaluating performance at different stages and counseling employees on performance related matters are Team HR’s regular activities.

5) Grievance Handling:

Employee counseling and grievance handling are among the most important, critical and confidential areas being handled by Team HR. Employees have the right to come to Team HR and discuss their problems related to the department or any other work related issues. Team HR not only ensure confidentiality but also redress the grievance in the best interest of both the employee and Institute.

6) Employee Retention

THI is committed to retain its work force therefore, Team HR undertake different motivational and recognition activities. In order to gauge the status of employee satisfaction with their job, Employee Motivation survey is conducted periodically and to recognize, appreciate and to reward outstanding performance of our team members, ‘Star Performer’ ceremony is organized on quarterly basis. In addition, there is a proper appraisal system which is linked with annual increment and promotions entirely based on employee’s performance throughout the year.

7) Training Opportunities

THI, being a socially responsible organization aiming to provide learning opportunities and hands-on experience to students in their respective field of interest. Therefore, Team HR offers several Internship/Traineeship/Elective/Volunteer ship programs to College/ University Fresh Graduates or Students enrolled in various Administrative and Health Care disciplines.
Last but not the least, Team HR is committed to take up new workplace challenges emerging as a result of  change in economy as well as local and global advancements. Team HR is not only a strategic partner but also an employee sponsor or advocate, and a change mentor within the organization.

A simple reflection of Our Belief:

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is, knowing how to get along with people.”

-Theodore Roosevelt