Laundry Service

Washing, Drying, and Ironing

Laundry service is a very important aspect of a health care unit. Linen plays a vital role in spreading infection if proper care is not taken in washing it. Tabba Heart Institute believes in quality health care and is equipped with an automatic Laundry Unit with the following facilities:

  • Fully automatic barrier washers
  • Fully automatic front loading washers
  • Fully automatic tumbler dryer
  • Automatic pressing machines
  • Flat work ironer
  • Tables for linen pressing
  • Optical inspection tables
  • Steam generator for steam iron & dryers
  • Other equipment such as irons and trolleys

The trained staff carries out the washing, drying and ironing of the various types of linen including patients and staff uniform and scrubs. Soiled linen is segregated and all items containing blood or fluid stains are washed twice with warm water and then disinfected with chemicals. The washed linen is then checked optically on an optical inspection table to spot any foreign particles. In case some particles are spotted, the said item of clothing or bedding has retreated until such particle.