Quality Nursing Institution:

Quality nursing care is the foundation of quality nursing Education and we as an institution would like to contribute to the educational process of nurses in this country. Our educational services include access to an electronic library which includes current digital educational material on cardiac nursing and cardiac disease. We also have adequate capacity to teach students by utilizing our two classrooms, auditorium and skill lab. We have already begun the process of education with our one-year certification course for Nurse Aides and we would like to continue our process of education for health care professionals.


The mission of Tabba Heart Institute ‘Nursing Education Services’ is to train and educate nurses, in the principles and practice of cardiovascular diseases with highest standards of professional integrity, and by offering them the privilege to access the latest technologies, which will enhance their expertise in treating the patients with modern methods. The team of THI incorporates experts from the fields of cardiovascular and health care.


The vision of Tabba Heart Institute ‘Nursing Education Services’ is to provide quality learning experience and training for Nurses and health care professionals in the field of cardiovascular diseases and management to reduce the occurrence of heart disease in Pakistan.

Quality Policy:

Tabba Heart Institute is committed to providing quality cardiac care services to the community at large following the objectives as listed below:

  • Continuously improve patient satisfaction.
  • Educate patient and the general public about cardiac diseases and its prevention through Awareness Programs.
  • Collaborate and corporate with other cardiac Institutes / Departments.
  • Serve as a Teaching and Training Center for the professional staff.