Nursing Highlights

We would love to share some success stories of THI and its initiatives to provide our valuable patients and their families with a worthy outcome and an enriched experience by our devoted services.

General Ward Expansion

Observing the accumulation of patients at THI, the administration has evaluated the requirement for extension of the general ward. An Eight bedded general ward has been expanded to 30 beds general ward including one isolation room. It has been a major achievement for our institute since the beginning of this New Year. Each day we are determined to provide our patients with the most comfortable ambiance and immense care services.


All patients go through triage in the emergency department after a brief assessment done by the nurse to prioritize treatments based on the severity of their conditions. The triage process takes five minutes, and after the observation, each patient gets tagged with a specific color code depending on their condition. These triage Tags indicate each particular colors for treatment from levels of resuscitation, emergent, urgent, less urgent and referral patients. All STEMI patients, who need PCI are shifted to cath lab within 90 minutes which is called door to balloon time. This time is in line with the international benchmark. At a single point in one time, 20 patients are accommodated in our emergency department for the highest rank of care to be offered.

Radial Bay & Day Care Unit

A Radial bay has been established to prioritize all the elective pre-angiography/angioplasty patients. This bay incorporates four reclining chairs and two beds to accommodate the patients. A day care unit at THI caters patients attending for angiography or angioplasty which wouldn’t require an overnight stay. Nurses provide a post procedure care to the patients and share a brief of verbal and written teaching material related to the procedure.

Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Bay

CTS bay has been established to clerk all the patients going through surgery. This reduces the waiting time for elective admissions and improves a patient satisfaction rank. Skillful nurses take care of the patients and provide all the teaching related to surgery. The CTS bay contains 4 reclining chairs.