Other Services

Pulmonary Function Test (spirometry)

Spirometry is used to establish baseline lung function, evaluate dyspnea, detect pulmonary disease, monitor effects of therapies used to treat respiratory disease, evaluate respiratory impairment, evaluate operative risk, and perform surveillance for occupational-related lung disease. It assesses the integrated mechanical function of the lung, chest wall, and respiratory muscles by measuring the total volume of air exhaled from a full lung to maximal expiration.


Our physiotherapy unit -equipped with state of the art infrastructure including imported Beds, and other advanced electrotherapeutic modalities are managed by qualified and experienced physiotherapists. We cater all kinds of musculoskeletal and neurological ailments that require physiotherapy.

Six-minute walk test

The 6MWT is a useful measure of functional capacity targeted at people with at least moderately severe impairment. The test has been widely used for preoperative and postoperative evaluation and for measuring the response to therapeutic interventions for pulmonary and cardiac disease”.