Outpatient – Consultant Clinics

THI Consultant Clinic area is aesthetically pleasing and practically designed for the patient’s convenience. Consulting Clinics provide services to over 4,500 patients in a month almost. Patients are given individualized attention and medical advice. The Consultation spectrum covers all aspect of Cardiology along with other sub-specialties and associated illnesses.
The THI Consultant Clinics are run by qualified and experienced Consultants supported by well-trained Nursing and Reception staff.
The Clinics operate from Monday to Saturday from 0900hrs to 2000hrs according to the following schedule:

THI Consultant Clinic Schedule

Clinical SessionsClinic Start timeClinic End Time

For appointment and other details about the clinics, please contact at 0312-0844 844

To facilitate patients at the clinics, all confirmations & cancellations of Patient Appointment are done through SMS service.

Consultant Clinics Structure

First-time patients are accommodated in the Clinics as early as possible. Discharged or follow up Patients are also facilitated as per the Consultant’s advice. Follow up patients are offered appointments according to their own convenience. Vacant slots are held in reserve, in case of emergent requirement of some patients. In case there is an emergency need for the checkup, the patients are referred to ER, or Fellow Clinic, depending upon their condition. Confirmation calls are made at least 24 hours prior to the time of appointment.

No More Long Waiting

The surveys conducted by Patient Relations Department show high levels of patient satisfaction and indicate that for a booked patient, the waiting time hardly goes beyond 30 minutes.

Dedicated Cardiac Care facility

Although THI is a dedicated Cardiac Care facility, however, the Outpatient Department comprises a number of subspecialty clinics as well; Consultation services include clinics for

  • Cardiac Medicine
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery

Other Sub-Specialties include

  • Pulmonology
  • Nephrology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Diabetology
  • Gesteroentelogy
  • General Medicine
  • Infectious diseases
  • INR clinic
  • Neurology Clinic

Teaching &Training Program

A total of 25 Consultants 3 Cardiothoracic surgeons and 5 Cardiologists fellows are offering consultation to Patients at the Consultant Clinics and Outreach Clinics. The Consultant Clinic provides teaching & training program to Medical & Nursing students as well as Residents who regularly participate in conducting the clinics.

Patient Assistance

Another prominent feature of the Consultant Clinic is our friendly and competent staff that assists the patients to attain their maximum level of health. At the Consultant Clinics, the emphasis is laid on educating diabetic patients to keep them well informed and active participant in their healthcare management decisions. For this purpose, a Diabetic Educator facilitates the patient and counsels them on how to take care of their own health.
The patients are also invited to attend seminars and Q/A sessions where they can discuss their queries about medicines, treatment and other procedures with their consultants and get the needed advice.

Patient Guide Books

THI has also published various Patient Guide Books on different Cardiac Health topics which are available Free of Charge in the clinics.