Patients & Visitors’ Guide

Patient / Attendant Information Guide

Thank you for choosing Tabba Heart Institute (THI) for your healthcare needs!

Patient Focused Care allows us to:

  • Respect your values, preferences and expressed needs and comfort
  • Coordinate and include you in information about your hospital stay
  • Provide education to you as necessary

The information contained herein will help you and your family familiarize with the hospital policies and services. Our friendly, skilled and dedicated medical staff will ensure that you are guided at every step while you are admitted in the hospital

In case of any queries or concerns, please contact the concerned Nursing Counters for further assistance.

Admission Process:
Patients can register for admission at the Billing Office located on the ground floor, which handles pre-admissions and admissions for all inpatient surgeries and procedures, as well as scheduled medical admissions.

Arrival in the Room:

  • Upon admission to the Ward/Room you will receive fresh hospital gown/dress, which is mandatory to be worn by the patient
  • THI will provide all the necessary medicines and supplies. Carrying/bringing of any personal medicines is not allowed
  • Your Doctor/Medical Officer will enquire about your condition and complete medical history. Please inform in details if you have any allergies, or disabilities relating to mobility, sight, speech or hearing, paralysis or any related information which should be considered while your treatment at THI


  • One attendant is allowed to stay with the patient in the hospital; however attendants are not allowed in ICU/CCU and Step Down. Your attendant/next of kin can contact concerned Unit Reception/Nursing Counter for queries or feedback about your patient treatment
  • Male attendant is not allowed to stay in the Female Wing (General Ward)


Daily Visiting Hours: 4:30- 6:30 p.m.
11:00am to 12:00noon (on Sundays and other gazette holidays)

  • Kindly use the attendant / visitor’s pass for visit to the patient, issued by the billing officer at the time of admission. No duplicate pass will be issued if the original is lost. Your cooperation is appreciated in this regard
  • Kindly keep your visit as short as possible to give maximum time to the patient to rest
  • It is desirable that those attendant/family members having some illness should refrain from visiting the patient to safeguard them from any possible infections
  • Children below 12 years of age are not allowed inside the hospital

Blood Arrangement for Surgery Patients:

THI has got its own quality & reliable Blood Bank services available. Blood requirements for operations will be arranged on exchange basis and comprehensive re-screening tests will be performed at THI Lab. Attendants are encouraged to arrange family donors for this purpose. For further information, please contact Blood Bank.

Pharmacy Service:

  • Outpatient and Inpatient Pharmacy Services are also available at the hospital
  • The Inpatient Pharmacy is available 24 hours. Outpatient Pharmacy is located inside the Consultant Clinics at the Ground Floor where all cardiac and related medicines are available and is operational from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Cafeteria & Meal Services:

We understand that some of our patients have special likes and dislikes regarding food; however, the menus are set by dietician as per your patient’s nutritional needs. The Dietician also supervises preparation of meals according to the special dietary requirements of each patient.

Timings for food servings are:

Breakfast 7:00-7:30 am
Lunch 12:30 – 01:00 pm 
Dinner 7:00 – 07:30 pm

  • Our cafeteria is operated by experienced caterers and supervised by the THI Dietician. Your admission will be informed to the Cafeteria
  • Food for patients is not allowed from outside. Visitors are also not allowed to bring juices, biscuits, soup, fruits etc. for the patient
  • Visitors can buy food/refreshments from the Cafeteria located at the Ground Floor as well as the TUC Shop at the Main Entrance
  • Eating food is not allowed anywhere in the hospital except cafeteria for attendants / visitors. Kindly note that the Cafeteria is opened from 7:30am till 12:00mid-night
  • Please do not tip the hospital staff

Tobacco Policy and Chewing Pan:

Using tobacco products (smoking, pan chewing etc) is injurious to your & your patient’s health. THI does not allow its use strictly in the hospital premises.

Billing/Discharge and Refunds:

  • Kindly make all payments to the Billing counter located at the ground floor within the stipulated time / date. Kindly ensure that at all time adequate amount/cash must be available to meet with patient’s treatment expenses. For queries about your hospital charges, please visit the Billing Department at the Ground floor
  • Please note that the Billing Department may require two to four hours to close the file and complete the formalities of discharge from the time when your Consultant/Doctor advises a discharge. Please extend your full cooperation to the Billing staff in this regard
  • Any amount to be refunded would be done via cash, within 24 hours, between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, on working days only. Original payment receipts are needed to claim refunds. In case the original receipt is misplaced, an application has to be submitted by the authorized attendant (Next of Kin), along with a photocopy of his/her CNIC
  • At the time of discharge, you will be provided with a discharge summary and will be briefed about the post-discharge medication, precautions and follow up appointment. In case you require any additional information regarding your treatment or post-discharge care, please contact your Consultant or OPD for an appointment at 021-111-844-844

Suggestions/ Compliments:

  • Your suggestions and complaints are important to us. Suggestions / Complaints boxes are placed on each floor of the hospital
  • In case you wish to speak to our Patient Relations Officers, they are available at Ext: 1530/ 1533, or can be visited at the PR Office located at the Ground Floor

Violence or Aggression towards THI Staff:

Tabba Heart Institute’s Management will strongly resist any verbal, racial or physical abuse against its’ Staff Members.
Should there be an incident where a patient / attendant/ visitor’s behavior becomes unacceptable, imposes threat or causes harm, the Hospital Management will pursue necessary action which may also lead to the discharge/expulsion of the patient/attendant from the hospital.

Medical Records Request:

  • All medical records, patient files and data shall be regarded as confidential and available only to authorized users
  • To obtain medical records and health information, the authorized person should visit the Medical Records department, located in the basement, after 3-4 days from the date of discharge of the patient, during 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

What else do I need to know about THI?

  • All Patients are given a Call Bell at their bedside in case they wish to speak to Nursing Staff at the time of any need or any emergency
  • An ATM is available on the ground floor in the lobby area. THI is not responsible for the ATM. If you experience difficulty with the machine, you should contact the number on the ATM machine for assistance
  • Housekeeping works round the clock. However between 10 pm to 7 am, housekeeping may be called as per need
  • You are advised to leave your valuables at home. THI does not accept any responsibility for the loss of any personal possessions
  • Personal TV sets, photography and video shooting are not permitted in the hospital premises
  • Visitors are required to identify themselves and they may be subject to undergo a security check along with their belongings
  • Fire alarms are installed for immediate intimation of any disaster; Emergency exits are marked and staff will assist you to locate them in case of any untoward situation
  • Your cooperation with our staff and adherence with the rules & regulations is desired
  • THI is a dedicated Cardiac Care Hospital. In case of any treatment other than Cardiac is required during the course of your treatment, several subspecialty consultants are available on-call basis. However, please be informed that the hospital reserves the right to refer your case to the concerned medical facility or hospital, as per the advice of your Consultant
  • THI does not provide Home Nursing facility
  • It is not allowed to take THI’s property (Wheelchair, bed sheet etc.) with the patient
  • There is a dedicated prayer area for both males & females where Congregation is also arranged

We hope the above information was helpful. We wish you good health and early recovery.

Thank you!