Sections & Subsections


The Hematology section provides Hematological studies and Coagulation profiles on the following state of the art instruments:

  • Sysmex XN-1000 (Hematology Analyzer)
  • Celldyne ruby (Hematology Analyzer)
  • Sysmex CA – 500 Services (Coagulation Analyzer)
  • COAGU CHECK  COBAS H232 for D-dimer

Blood Bank:

The institute uses cutting edge technology instruments for blood and blood products, utilizing GEL technique for compatibility testing:

  • Cryofuge (Jouan)
  • Platelets Agitator + Incubator (Helmer)
  • Blood Bank Refrigerator (Helmer)
  • Plasma Freezer VX 380 Temp: -60 Celsius
  • MCS-Platelets Pheresis.
  • Plasma Thawer (Helmer)
  • Tube Sealer
  • Blood Bag Mixer

Facilities include:

  • Packed Cell
  • Platelets
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma
  • Fresh Whole Blood
  • Aphaeresis Facilities

We also perform Blood Products screening on ARCHITECT i2000 (Chemiluminescence Technology).


Microbiology department deals with all Special and Routine Culture and Sensitivity Tests, Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology, Serology, Semenology, Immunofluorescence, Urinalysis Quality Control Culture of Water and Environment, Media preparation.


Sample Receiving and Processing Bench:

All samples are received in the Clinical Microbiology dept. After being entered into hospital information software, all samples are delivered to relevant benches.


A detail report of Urine samples including physical, chemical, microscopic examination are done in this dept. For chemical analysis the institute uses COBAS U411 + instrument which read the different parameters. 720 tests can be performed per hour.


The parasitology bench deals with intestinal parasites. Stool samples are processed by direct and concentrated method for eggs and ova examination of parasites. Safety cabinet MSC-9 Jon. is used for all processing.


In Serology section, immunological and Serological tests are performed by different techniques like latex agglutination, hem agglutination, and antibody absorption and dot method.

Mycobacteriology (AFB Smear & Culture/Sensitivity):

In this section all smear is stained by ZN as well as Fluorescent staining (AuramineRhodamine). Culture is performed on LJ slant in Microbiology Safety Cabinet as (Sensitivity is done by manual method using 7H10 method).


All samples (including Blood, Urine, Stool, Sterile fluids, Sputum, Urogenital sample etc.) are processed for Cultures and Sensitivity according to specimen requirement.

Samples for Blood culture (Aerobic & Anaerobic) are processed manually.

Mycology Culture:

All samples for Fungus Smear and culture are processed here in a Bio-safety cabinet.


ANA profile is done by Immunofluorescence stain with Fluorescent Microscope.


In this section chemical physical and microscopic analysis of semen is done.

Quality Control (Microbiology):

Media, and Disc sensitivity Method is monitored by ATCC strain of E.coli (ATCC-35218) Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC-27853) and Staph aureus (ATCC-25923) According to **CLSI protocol
All equipment’s and reagents are monitored as per standard requirements. Controls and calibration of all machines are done according to the standard requirements and procedures.
Internal/External Audits are regularly done to ensure Quality and Standards.
** Clinical Laboratory Standard Institute