Supply Chain Management

At THI, the SCM comprises of:

  • Planning & Procurement Section
  • Inventory, Logistics & Warehouse
  • Distribution Network

The SCM department offers Planning& Procurement, Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution Network for the Right Product, from the Right Source, at the Right Price, on the Right Time.

Achievements / Success Stories

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) of Tabba Heart Institute (THI) has been running since day one and has continuously played a significant role in the development of the organization.
We try our best to provide the Right QUANTITY &Right QUALITY of required products, on the Right TIME with the Right PRICES. Our scope covers Planning& Procurement, Logistics (Import & local), Warehousing and Distribution of goods and supplies to our end-users. We have tried to extend our services by establishing several SCM Sub Stores gradually. During the past years, we have developed a strong Distribution Network by establishing 4 Sub Stores at various locations of THI to ensure instant & timely supply of goods to our valued end-users, which lead to reduce inventory Costs and effective Management for our end-user.
We are proud to be the first department who has fully implemented the New Oracle based (ERP)–“Hospital Information System (HIS)”software in our department. By this implementation, we have transformed almost all manual paperwork to a paperless environment, which not only saves a lot of costs and also encourages our users to have access to online data on a real-time basis through e-Requisition,e-PO, e-MRN, e-Reports and number of other e-documents.
We have also introduced e-Authorization concept by Digital Signature and Auto e-Alert for our all users while processing any transactions in HIS.
We have also developed a state-of-the-art Warehouse in a separate facility of THI and have also moved major shipments traffic to that facility, where we are managing our inventory more efficiently, professionally and cost effectively.

Future Plans

  • We are also planning to move some more Stores in the Warehouse Area, which will be another achievement.
  • We are extending our reach by enhancing our Distribution Network through the establishment of section wise Stores.
  • We are also planning to conduct Certification Courses in Supply Chain Management which would probably be the first initiative yet taken in Pakistan from the platform of any hospital.