Waste Management

Since its inception, THI has attached great importance to the handling of bio hazardous waste and have installed a first of its kind waste treatment plant in Pakistan.
Bio hazardous wastes generated in health care institutes are classified in three broad categories namely:

a) Sharp items
b) Infectious waste
c) Non-infectious waste

The proper treatment, haulage and disposal is very important to protect health care workers, waste haulers and general public particularly from the sharp items and infectious bio medical waste against chances of getting infection and /or needle sticks and cut from infectious waste and sharp items contained in such disposals.
The bio hazardous waste is placed separately in designated bins for each category such as all infectious waste is placed in bins covered with Red bags, Sharp items are placed in plastic disposal containers and non-infectious waste is placed in bins covered with Green bags. This wastage is collected from various locations by disposal haulers and transported to the waste management plants in covered trolleys. The disposal haulers are trained and provided with hand gloves and all safety measures to meet the standards efficiently.