Code of Ethics

It shall be essential for every registered Nurse to Ensure and advance the enthusiasm of each client and to serve the interests of society. The Nurses shall legitimize public trust and confidence while maintaining and enhancing a good personality and reputation of his/her profession.

Professional responsibility of a nurse in reference to the customers and patients:

  • No activity or exclusion from personal territory of obligation should harm the interests, condition or safety of the client
  • Customer should be helped to achieve his/her maximum level of health in circumstances of normal health, illness or injury
  • Holds in certain individual data about the customer’s assent, or by legal standard where this data is required by law or by the request of a court, or as fundamental in people in general interest
  • Maintain a strategic distance from any misuse of the advantaged relationship which exists with the customer, and of the extraordinary access permitted to his/her individual, property, habitation or working environment
  • Maintaining the highest standards of care possible within the reality of a specific situation
  • Makes known to non-suitable individual or power any circumstances which could militate against safe guidelines of practice
  • Perceives and regards the uniqueness and dignity of every customer and reacts indecency to his/her need of consideration, independent of his/her ethnic origin, religious belief, individual qualities, the nature of his/her health issues or any other element
  • Protects the client from actions by co-workers/members of the health team which may endanger their health or well-being
  • Refuses any gift, favor hospitality that could be interpreted as taking advantage of the client
  • Respect the religious and social brief of the client
  • Shares with the community the responsibility for ensuring the health and social welfare of the public
  • Works in a cooperative way with the customer and his/her family, cultivates his/her autonomy, and perceives and regards the customer’s association in the arranging and conveyance of consideration

Professional accountability of a nurse’s duty:

  • Contribute information and abilities for the advancement of society
  • Cooperate with health care experts and others included in giving care, respecting and perceiving the specific commitments inside the group
  • Every religion, color, caste, gender should be treated equally with care.
  • Keep away from the utilization of expert capabilities in the advancement of business items so as to keep up the independence of expert judgment
  • Keep up a deep-rooted enthusiasm for the calling and work with the association to set up and keep up measures of nursing practice and training in fair social and financial working conditions.
  • Maintain and improves his/her professional knowledge and skills
  • The weight and workload of expert associates and directors should be recognized and proper steps should be taken if these are seen to constitute misuse of the individual specialist and/or to imperil safe measures of practice
  • Use own knowledge, experience, and share of authority to help colleagues to increases their professional competence and growth
  • Use sound judgment in relation to individual competence when accepting and/or delegating responsibilities
  • Work in a community oriented and cooperative way with other health experts; gives acknowledgment and respect to their specific commitment with the health services group