Information & Communication Technology Department

Access to Framework

The Information and Communications Technology of THI is furnished with a cutting edge base. Various key innovations were deployed as demonstrated impetuses to accomplish health care enhancement, proficiently and successfully taking care of the expansion requests of partners in the health services environment. Concentrating on patient care and health care needs ICT offers 24/7 services. ICT experts working in the division perform various duties to guarantee that employees may have full access to the framework.

Automated Work Environment

Our mission is to provide the appropriate Information and Communication technologies that enable our staff to access the information and services necessary to do their jobs. It provides the Department’s business units with the Information Communication Technology tools to enable them to achieve their goals. Our vision is to transform Tabba Heart Institute into an automated work environment that supports research in the human health field. To seek this we have deployed latest technology in IBM Pureflex Servers, CISCO network equipments and Oracle & Microsoft based Applications.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

The ICT Department values the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the institute as outlined in the Institute’s excellence in reputation, achievement, honesty, integrity, teamwork, collaboration, transparency, accountability and personal responsibility. Considering the core functionality of ICT and following the standards users are facilitated initially via Service Desk and then their complaints are escalated as per nature identified from Complain Management System. For better service management, the primary functions of the Service Desk are incident control, life cycle management of all service requests, and communicating with the staff.

Door of Opportunities and Challenges

A recent merger of Communication department opened a new door of opportunities and challenges for ICT. At first, up gradation of old conventional analog Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) to IP-PABX is being done. Implementing state of the art technologies throughout Tabba Heart Institute, a highly equipped featured PABX is in deployment to attain technological leads.

Latest ERP Implementation

Continual service improvement and deployment of innovative technologies is a part of a strategy for the Communication Technology department. ICT department is currently engaged in the latest ERP implementation which would make the overall system fast, continuous and robust. The new ERP comes up with latest innovative features and full integration provisions with the machines as well. Furthermore, to facilitate the patients, ICT initiated Online Lab Reports through Tabba Heart website and clinical appointment SMS service as Add-On services.

Modernizing to Enhance

The Information and Communication Technology function is cutting-edge and therefore seeks to address the connectivity and harnessing of the emerging technologies to enhance the working capacity. Modernizing the infrastructure and services that support all the activities of the Tabba Heart institute is a priority of the department.