Power Plant

THI is self-proficient for its electrical needs. All electrical energy requirements of the hospital are met through self-generation of power. The power plant incorporates two 450KVA and one 793 KVA modern gas-fired generators, backed by a 1MW Diesel generator which gives THI an assured self-reliance and uninterrupted power supply independent of the uncertainties through other sources.
The total energy produced far exceeds the optimum need of the hospital. This facility allows uninterrupted operations of all vital equipment, including Air Conditioning and lighting, thereby ensuring excellent patient care and comfort.
The Power House is manned by qualified Electrical and Mechanical engineers along with a team of highly skilled technicians.
To further strengthen the system, several high capacity Uninterrupted Power Supply units (UPS) are installed at every critical station, like the Operation Suites, the Cath Lab, the Laboratory as well as other areas to keep the services functional in case of unexpected emergencies.